Patients as partners

People are at the heart of Rinri’s work. Hearing loss, and how this condition affects everyday lives are central to everything we do. To ensure that we never lose sight of this, and to understand their perspectives and needs, we are working closely with people with lived experiences of hearing loss throughout the development of our cell therapy. We also work with families and carers, charities, hospitals, academic institutions and industry bodies, inside and outside the hearing loss space, to guide our development and raise awareness of hearing health.

We have worked extensively with people with hearing loss to identify the current limitations of available treatments and gather insights on the new interventions they want. Feedback from both hearing aid users and cochlear implant users highlights that existing hearing devices are perceived as “very limited” and that “normal hearing is totally different from a cochlear implant and would be wonderful…and unbelievable” In addition, we actively collaborate with people having firsthand experience of hearing loss to shape our clinical strategy and trials, ensuring alignment with their needs. Furthermore, we partner with them to create materials that effectively communicate our work in an accessible manner.

Our first product Rincell-1 is expected to enter clinical trials in 2025. It will be administered to adults with severe-to-profound age-related hearing loss or Auditory Neuropathy, eligible under UK NICE guidance (TA566) for a cochlear implant. Further details will be uploaded to our website and social media accounts as they become available. For more information, or to find out more about our patient and public involvement, please contact

Other information on hearing loss clinical trials can be found at Be Part of Research ( and on the RNID website.

Resources for patients, families and caregivers living with hearing loss

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