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Realising the potential of cell therapy to treat hearing loss

Motivated by the desire to treat the >500m people globally whose lives are affected by hearing loss, Rinri Therapeutics is advancing the world’s first regenerative cell therapies for the condition. By replacing the inner ear’s dead or damaged sensory cells that cause sensorineural hearing loss, the company is developing a portfolio of life-changing new approaches. This could lead to the reversal of the condition for which no pharmaceutical therapies are available, only palliative medical devices.

Encouraging data indicate that Rinri Therapeutics’ technology platform has the potential to transform hearing loss. Rincell-1, the company’s first product, is expected to enter clinical trials soon. We’re proud to work closely with patients, their families, and leading doctors to ensure we develop the safest and most effective treatments for severe hearing loss.

Rinri means ‘ear’ in Quechua – an indigenous language of South America, from where our Founder, Professor Marcelo Rivolta of the University of Sheffield, originates. Based on his world-leading research into regenerative cell therapy for hearing loss, the company is backed by leading investors Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, UCB Ventures, Pioneer and The University of Sheffield, plus non-dilutive funding. You can read more about our team of scientists specialising in cell therapy and clinical development, and experts in clinical trials and commercialisation here.

Rinri is the world’s leading company to explore the potential of regenerative cell therapy for sensorineural hearing loss, and the only company to address neural hearing loss.

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